Class HttpNonProxyHostsInitialiser

  extended by

public class HttpNonProxyHostsInitialiser
extends Object

Import the hostname into the http.nonProxyHosts on startup. This is required because instances have their hostname changed during provisioning without rebooting the instance. With the current icebat infrastructure, doing this without a reboot means we can't use the external system property mechanism from the icebat to set the http.nonProxyHosts system property. The landlord plugin fixes this when the instance is actually provisioned, and this class ensures it is set on subsequent boots. It sources the hostname from the OS hostname, since PyCM updates this for us. Ideally this logic wouldn't be a clone of landlord logic, it should probably migrate to a shared library, or even further outward to icebat support for dynamic system properties and their update.


Constructor Summary
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 void init()
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Constructor Detail


public HttpNonProxyHostsInitialiser()
Method Detail


public void init()

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