Class SpaceImportPreProcessor

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public class SpaceImportPreProcessor
extends AbstractPrimitivePropertyImportPreProcessor

Processes a space import object, updates its space key to the new key provided.

Constructor Summary
SpaceImportPreProcessor(String newKey)
Method Summary
protected  List<String> getPropertyNames()
          Provides a list of names of properties that the pre-processor is targeting for processing.
 boolean handles(ImportedObject object)
protected  PrimitiveProperty updateProperty(PrimitiveProperty spaceKey)
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Constructor Detail


public SpaceImportPreProcessor(String newKey)
Method Detail


public boolean handles(ImportedObject object)
Specified by:
handles in interface ImportedObjectPreProcessor
Specified by:
handles in class AbstractPrimitivePropertyImportPreProcessor
object - The object to be processed
true if this preprocessor should be applied to the object, otherwise false.


protected PrimitiveProperty updateProperty(PrimitiveProperty spaceKey)
Specified by:
updateProperty in class AbstractPrimitivePropertyImportPreProcessor


protected List<String> getPropertyNames()
Description copied from class: AbstractPrimitivePropertyImportPreProcessor
Provides a list of names of properties that the pre-processor is targeting for processing. There should only be one property in the object for each of the names in the returned list.

Specified by:
getPropertyNames in class AbstractPrimitivePropertyImportPreProcessor
A list of names that the pre-processor should be targeting

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