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com.atlassian.confluence.util.breadcrumbs This package groups the breadcrumb logic: All breadcrumbs for global admin and other general purpose, Breadcrumb generation and interfaces, Pre-5.0 breadcrumbs for Spaces. 

Uses of AbstractActionBreadcrumb in com.atlassian.confluence.util.breadcrumbs

Subclasses of AbstractActionBreadcrumb in com.atlassian.confluence.util.breadcrumbs
 class AbstractSpaceActionBreadcrumb
          Common class for all Breadcrumbs with an Action and a Space.
 class AdminActionBreadcrumb
 class ContentActionBreadcrumb
          Represents a high level content action breadcrumb.
 class GroupAdminActionBreadcrumb
 class LabelBreadcrumb
          Represents Label breadcrumbs.
 class MailServersActionBreadcrumb
 class PageTemplatesActionBreadcrumb
 class SpaceAdminActionBreadcrumb
          Represents the breadcrumb "Remove Space" in "Dashboard > Demo Space > Space Admin > Remove Space"
 class UserAdminActionBreadcrumb
          Represents "Users > testguy > Edit" in "Dashboard > Administration > Users > testguy > Edit"
 class UserProfileActionBreadcrumb
          Breadcrumb for actions extending AbstractUserProfileAction.

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