Class CommentResultWithActions

  extended by
      extended by

public class CommentResultWithActions
extends CommentResult

A comment plus the actions appropriate for that comment. It is fairly nasty to have the data and it's actions combined like this but is done because it is more efficient than performing to separate REST calls to add/edit a comment and then retrieve the actions appropriate to that comment.

TODO: The code review for this file made some good suggestions. Basically, there should be a ResultWithActions<T> class which composes a <T> (CommentResult in this case). Of course to avoid conditional handling of the resultant JSON in the Javascript code there will need to be a way to expose the nested objects properties on the top level JSON object that is created.

Nested Class Summary
static class CommentResultWithActions.CommentResultWithActionsBuilder
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 List<UserAction> getPrimaryActions()
 List<UserAction> getSecondaryActions()
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Constructor Detail


public CommentResultWithActions()
Method Detail


public List<UserAction> getPrimaryActions()


public List<UserAction> getSecondaryActions()

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