Class Summary
AnonymousUserInfoSearchFilter CONF-32081 Search for user info which is not created by the system (anonymous)
ArchivedSpacesSearchFilter Filters archived spaces (and their contents) out of search results.
AuthorSearchFilter Filter by a query on author.
ChainedSearchFilter Allows multiple SearchFilters to be chained together, with the option to specify the logical operator to apply between them.
ContentPermissionsSearchFilter Filter for performing filtering by content permissions.
DeactivatedUserSearchFilter Search for users that have been disabled/deactivated.
ExternallyDeletedUserSearchFilter Filter users that have been deleted by external user management (e.g.
InSpaceSearchFilter Filters for documents that belong to spaces with the specified space keys.
LabelsSearchFilter Allows filtering by multiple labels.
LastModifierSearchFilter Deprecated. since 5.2.
LastModifierUserSearchFilter Filter on the DocumentFieldName.LAST_MODIFIER_NAME field.
SearchResultTypeSearchFilter Filter by SearchResultType.
SiteSearchPermissionsSearchFilter The filter used to apply permissioning in Site Search.
SpacePermissionsSearchFilter Filters by the spaces a user can see.
ViewUserProfilePermissionsSearchFilter Filter for filtering out statuses if there is no view user profile permission.

Enum Summary
ChainedSearchFilter.Operator Logic operator to allow clients to specify whether to apply a logical AND or OR between the result of filters

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