Class LuceneQueryTokenizer

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public class LuceneQueryTokenizer
extends Object
implements QueryTokenizer

The purpose of this class is to wrap the tokens emitted from lucene analysis inside our own QueryTokens so that we can tag some additional meaning. Although we could have modified the 'type' property of lucene tokens, we would have had to tinker with all the analyzers for each of the languages we have, which is not feasible.

Constructor Summary
LuceneQueryTokenizer(org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer unstemmedAnalyzer)
Method Summary
 List<QueryToken> tokenize(String query)
          Produces query tokens from the specified query.
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Constructor Detail


public LuceneQueryTokenizer(org.apache.lucene.analysis.Analyzer unstemmedAnalyzer)
Method Detail


public List<QueryToken> tokenize(String query)
Description copied from interface: QueryTokenizer
Produces query tokens from the specified query.

Specified by:
tokenize in interface QueryTokenizer
query - the query
query tokens from the specified query. Returns empty list for null or empty query.

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