Class DefaultRestEntityFactory

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultRestEntityFactory
extends Object
implements RestEntityFactory

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
<T> RestEntity<T>
create(T entity)
          creates a RestEntity that wraps the provided entity.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultRestEntityFactory()
Method Detail


public <T> RestEntity<T> create(T entity)
Description copied from interface: RestEntityFactory
creates a RestEntity that wraps the provided entity. All of the fields on the entity that have been annotated with JsonProperty will be available in the resultant RestEntities properties map. Any fields referenced by the entity that have the RestEnrichable annotation will also be converted to RestEntities. Fields annotated with JsonProperty that implement Iterable will have their contents converted to RestEntities if the content class has the RestEnrichable annotation. Likewise Maps will have their values converted.

Specified by:
create in interface RestEntityFactory
a RestEntity that wraps the entity exposing it fields in the properties map

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