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 class GlobalAdministratorOnlyCondition
          Deprecated. since 2.7. If the link or operation protected by this condition has the potential to compromise the security of the system, please use SystemAdministratorCondition instead, otherwise, use ConfluenceAdministratorCondition. To err on the side of more security, we are assuming plugin developers intended a restriction to the most powerful group of administrators. Hence this deprecated class will inherit the permission checks of SystemAdministratorCondition. This class has been reintroduced to prevent problems with the approvals plugin. NOTE: This is currently used by the Gliffy plugin. To be removed when they do. CONFDEV-15165.
 class SystemAdministratorOrSuperUserCondition
          Deprecated. since 3.5 use SystemAdministratorCondition because this one is now inaccurately named

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