Class MboxImporter

  extended by com.atlassian.core.task.longrunning.AbstractLongRunningTask
      extended by com.atlassian.confluence.util.longrunning.ConfluenceAbstractLongRunningTask
          extended by com.atlassian.confluence.mail.archive.MboxImporter
All Implemented Interfaces:
com.atlassian.core.task.longrunning.LongRunningTask, Runnable

public class MboxImporter
extends ConfluenceAbstractLongRunningTask

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.atlassian.core.task.longrunning.AbstractLongRunningTask
Constructor Summary
MboxImporter(BatchOperationManager batchOperationManager, SpaceManager spaceManager, MailContentManager mailContentManager)
Method Summary
 String getName()
 void runInternal()
          Perform the import.
 void setFile(File file)
          Set the file the mail will be read from.
 void setSpace(Space space)
          Set the space the mails will be added to.
Methods inherited from class com.atlassian.confluence.util.longrunning.ConfluenceAbstractLongRunningTask
getResourceBundle, run
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getCurrentStatus, getElapsedTime, getEstimatedTimeRemaining, getNameKey, getPercentageComplete, getPrettyElapsedTime, getPrettyTimeRemaining, isComplete, isSuccessful, stopTimer
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Constructor Detail


public MboxImporter(BatchOperationManager batchOperationManager,
                    SpaceManager spaceManager,
                    MailContentManager mailContentManager)
Method Detail


public void setSpace(Space space)
Set the space the mails will be added to.

space - the space the mails will be added to


public void setFile(File file)
Set the file the mail will be read from. Reading from a file is preferred as we can pre-scan it to determine the total number of mails to import

file - the file the mails will be read from


public void runInternal()
Perform the import. You must have both space and one of File or input set before running this method.

Specified by:
runInternal in class ConfluenceAbstractLongRunningTask


public String getName()

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