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Methods in that return LikeEntity
 LikeEntity LikeEntityDao.addLike(ContentEntityObject contentEntity, com.atlassian.user.User user)
          Add a like on the content entity for the given user.
 LikeEntity HibernateLikeEntityDao.addLike(ContentEntityObject contentEntity, com.atlassian.user.User user)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type LikeEntity
 List<LikeEntity> LikeEntityDao.getLikeEntities(Collection<? extends ContentEntityObject> contentEntities)
 List<LikeEntity> HibernateLikeEntityDao.getLikeEntities(Collection<? extends ContentEntityObject> contentEntities)

Constructors in with parameters of type LikeEntity
Like(LikeEntity likeEntity)

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