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Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.content

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.content that implement Labelable
 class CustomContentEntityObject
          Generic ContentEntityObject that plugins can use to extend Confluence's content system.

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.core

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.core that implement Labelable
 class AbstractLabelableEntityObject
 class ContentEntityObject
 class ContentEntitySimulacrum
          A very generic SpaceContentEntityObject, used to play pretends when rendering page templates in preview / view modes.
 class PageContentEntityObject
          Deprecated. Since 4.0 This used to be implemented by Comment, but is no longer necessary.
 class SpaceContentEntityObject
          A ContentEntityObject that is a first-class member of a Space (i.e.

Uses of Labelable in

Fields in declared as Labelable
protected  Labelable LabelEvent.labelled

Methods in that return Labelable
 Labelable LabelEvent.getLabelled()

Constructors in with parameters of type Labelable
LabelAddEvent(Label source, Labelable labelled)
LabelEvent(Label source, Labelable labelled)
LabelRemoveEvent(Label source, Labelable labelled)

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.labels

Subinterfaces of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.labels
 interface EditableLabelable
          An interface which extends the immutable interface of Labelable with functionality to be able to add and remove labels.

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.labels that implement Labelable
 class PermittedLabelView
          This wrapper exposes only those labels and functions of the labelable object that the specified user is permitted to view.

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.labels that return Labelable
 Labelable PermittedLabelView.getDelegate()

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.labels that return types with arguments of type Labelable
 List<? extends Labelable> LabelManager.getContentForAllLabels(Collection<Label> labels, int maxResults, int offset)
          Deprecated. since 5.3. Use LabelManager.getContentForAllLabels(int, int, Label...) instead.
 List<? extends Labelable> DefaultLabelManager.getContentForAllLabels(Collection<Label> labels, int maxResults, int offset)
 List<? extends Labelable> LabelManager.getContentForLabel(Label label, int maxResults)
          Deprecated. since 5.3. Use LabelManager.getAllContentForLabel(int, int, Label).
 List<? extends Labelable> DefaultLabelManager.getContentForLabel(Label label, int maxResults)
 List<? extends Labelable> LabelManager.getCurrentContentForLabel(Label label)
          Deprecated. since 5.3. Use LabelManager.getContentForLabel(int, int, Label).
 List<? extends Labelable> LabelManager.getCurrentContentForLabelAndSpace(Label label, String spaceKey)
          Deprecated. since 5.3. Use the LabelManager.getContentInSpaceForLabel(int, int, String, Label).
 List<? extends Labelable> DefaultLabelManager.getCurrentContentForLabelAndSpace(Label label, String spaceKey)
 List<? extends Labelable> LabelManager.getCurrentContentWithPersonalLabel(String username)
          Get all current content labelled by a user

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.labels with parameters of type Labelable
 int LabelManager.addLabel(Labelable content, Label label)
          Add a label to the specified content.
 int DefaultLabelManager.addLabel(Labelable labelable, Label label)
 Label ParsedLabelName.addLabel(Labelable labelable, LabelManager labelManager)
 List LabelManager.getSuggestedLabels(Labelable content)
          Retrieve the DEFAULT_LABEL_COUNT suggested labels for the specified content.
 List DefaultLabelManager.getSuggestedLabels(Labelable content)
 List LabelManager.getSuggestedLabels(Labelable content, int maxResults)
          Retrieve the suggested labels for the specified content.
 List DefaultLabelManager.getSuggestedLabels(Labelable content, int count)
 List LabelManager.getSuggestedLabelsInSpace(Labelable content, String spaceKey)
          Retrieve the DEFAULT_LABEL_COUNT suggested labels for the specified content bound to the specified space.
 List DefaultLabelManager.getSuggestedLabelsInSpace(Labelable content, String spaceKey)
 List<Label> LabelManager.getSuggestedLabelsInSpace(Labelable content, String spaceKey, int maxResults)
          Retrieve the suggested labels for the specified content bound to the specified space.
 List DefaultLabelManager.getSuggestedLabelsInSpace(Labelable content, String spaceKey, int maxResults)
static boolean LabelPermissionSupport.isLabelableByUser(Labelable object, PermissionManager permissionManager)
          Checks that the object permits labels to be edited by the logged in user.
 void LabelManager.removeAllLabels(Labelable content)
          Remove all of the labels from the specified content.
 void DefaultLabelManager.removeAllLabels(Labelable content)
 int LabelManager.removeLabel(Labelable object, Label label)
          Remove a label from the specified content.
 int DefaultLabelManager.removeLabel(Labelable content, Label label)
 void LabelManager.removeLabels(Labelable object, List labels)
          removes a list of labels from the labelable object
 void DefaultLabelManager.removeLabels(Labelable content, List labels)
static boolean LabelPermissionSupport.userCanEditLabel(Label label, Labelable object, PermissionManager permissionManager)
static boolean LabelPermissionSupport.userCanEditLabel(ParsedLabelName ref, Labelable object, PermissionManager permissionManager)
static boolean LabelPermissionSupport.userCanViewObject(Labelable object, PermissionManager permissionManager)

Constructors in com.atlassian.confluence.labels with parameters of type Labelable
PermittedLabelView(Labelable original, com.atlassian.user.User actingUser, boolean hideSpecialLabels)

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.labels.actions

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.labels.actions that return Labelable
 Labelable RemoveSpaceFromFavouriteAjaxAction.getEntity()
          Used so that the links are correctly built when JS is disabled
 Labelable RemoveLabelAction.getEntity()
          Used so that the links are correctly built when JS is disabled
 Labelable RemoveFavouriteAction.getEntity()
          Used so that the links are correctly built when JS is disabled
 Labelable AddSpaceToFavouriteAjaxAction.getEntity()
          Used so that the links are correctly built when JS is disabled
 Labelable AddLabelAction.getEntity()
          Used so that the links are correctly built when JS is disabled
 Labelable AddFavouriteAction.getEntity()
          Used so that the links are correctly built when JS is disabled
 Labelable AbstractLabelsForEntityAction.getEntity()

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.labels.actions with parameters of type Labelable
 List<DisplayableLabel> ViewLabelAction.getOtherLabels(Labelable content)
          Returns the first nine global labels on the given content that are not this.label.

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.labels.service

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.labels.service that return Labelable
 Labelable RemoveLabelCommand.getEntity()
          Returns the page or blog post that the label was removed from.
 Labelable AddLabelsCommand.getEntity()
          Returns the page or blog post that the label was added to
 Labelable AbstractLabelsCommand.getEntity()

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.mail

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.mail that implement Labelable
 class Mail
          Deprecated. since 4.2. Mail archiving is now managed entirely by the mail archiving plugin.

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.pages

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.pages that implement Labelable
 class AbstractPage
          Parent of the concrete Page and BlogPost classes
 class Attachment
 class BlogPost
 class Comment
 class Draft
 class Page
          Represents a Page within Confluence.

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.pages.templates

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.pages.templates that implement Labelable
 class PageTemplate

Uses of Labelable in

Methods in with parameters of type Labelable
 String SearchSiteAction.getLabelNames(Labelable obj)
          Retrieve a comma separated string of label names.

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.setup.settings

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.setup.settings that implement Labelable
 class GlobalDescription
          Content Entity Object that is associated with the whole confluence rather then a specific space/page/user.

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.spaces

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.spaces that implement Labelable
 class SpaceDescription

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.user

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.user that implement Labelable
 class PersonalInformation

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.userstatus

Classes in com.atlassian.confluence.userstatus that implement Labelable
 class UserStatus
          Stores a short message representing a status from a User.

Uses of Labelable in com.atlassian.confluence.util

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.util with parameters of type Labelable
static Label LabelUtil.addLabel(String labelReference, LabelManager labelManager, Labelable object)
          Adds the label to the specified object.
static String LabelUtil.convertToDelimitedString(Labelable obj, com.atlassian.user.User user)
          Helper method converting list of labels associated with the labelable object into a space separated string of the label names.
static boolean LabelUtil.syncState(String source, LabelManager labelManager, com.atlassian.user.User user, Labelable dest)
          Neat method that will synchronize a space separated list of label names with the labels contained within the labelable object.
static boolean LabelUtil.syncState(String source, LabelManager labelManager, com.atlassian.user.User user, Labelable dest, boolean ignored)
          Deprecated. since 5.1. Use LabelUtil.syncState(String, LabelManager, User, Labelable)

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