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Method parameters in with type arguments of type Plugin
 void DarkFeaturesHelper.enableDarkFeatureModules(<Plugin,String> pluginModules, boolean enable)
          Dark features can be implemented by using disabled plugin modules, this method provides a way for tests to enable a set of plugin modules that comprise a dark feature
 boolean DarkFeaturesHelper.isDarkFeatureModulesEnabled(<Plugin,String> pluginModules)
          Dark features can be implemented by using disabled plugin modules, this method queries the state of a set of dark feature modules.

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Classes in that implement Plugin
 class MavenUploadablePlugin
          A plugin to be uploaded into Confluence from the local Maven repository.

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 interface UploadablePlugin
          A plugin that can be uploaded into Confluence via the web interface.

Classes in that implement Plugin
 class ClasspathUploadablePlugin
          An uploadable plugin that can be loaded as a classpath resource via ClassLoader.getResource(String).
 class SimplePlugin
          Provides the key and display name of a plugin.
 class SpringComponentUploadablePlugin
          A plugin containing a Spring component which will be loaded from the classpath.

Fields in declared as Plugin
static Plugin TestPlugins.HELP_TIPS_PLUGIN
static Plugin PluginConstants.SPACES_PLUGIN
static Plugin TestPlugins.WHATS_NEW_PLUGIN

Methods in with parameters of type Plugin
 void WebTestPluginHelper.disablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
          Disable the plugin using its display name.
 void PluginHelper.disablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
          Disable the plugin.
 void PluginHelper.disablePluginModule(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 void PluginHelper.disablePluginWithoutPersisting(Plugin plugin)
          Disable the plugin without persisting.
 void WebTestPluginHelper.enablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
 void PluginHelper.enablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
          Enable the plugin.
 void PluginHelper.enablePluginModule(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 boolean WebTestPluginHelper.isPluginEnabled(Plugin plugin)
          Throws an exception if the plugin is not installed.
 boolean PluginHelper.isPluginEnabled(Plugin plugin)
          Returns true if the given plugin is currently enabled, otherwise false.
 boolean WebTestPluginHelper.isPluginInstalled(Plugin plugin)
 boolean PluginHelper.isPluginInstalled(Plugin plugin)
          Returns true if the given plugin is currently installed, otherwise false.
 boolean PluginHelper.isPluginModuleEnabled(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 void WebTestPluginHelper.uninstallPlugin(Plugin plugin)
 void PluginHelper.uninstallPlugin(Plugin plugin)
          Uninstall the plugin as the currently logged in User.

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Methods in with parameters of type Plugin
 void RpcPluginHelper.disablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
 void RpcPluginHelper.disablePluginModule(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 void RpcPluginHelper.disablePluginWithoutPersisting(Plugin plugin)
 void RpcPluginHelper.enablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
 void RpcPluginHelper.enablePluginModule(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 boolean RpcPluginHelper.isPluginEnabled(Plugin plugin)
 boolean RpcPluginHelper.isPluginInstalled(Plugin plugin)
 boolean RpcPluginHelper.isPluginModuleEnabled(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 void RpcPluginHelper.uninstallPlugin(Plugin plugin)

Constructors in with parameters of type Plugin
PluginQuartzJob(Plugin plugin, String jobName)

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Methods in with parameters of type Plugin
 void PluginsRpc.disablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
 void PluginsRpc.disablePluginModule(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 void PluginsRpc.enablePlugin(Plugin plugin)
 void PluginsRpc.enablePluginModule(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 boolean PluginsRpc.isPluginEnabled(Plugin plugin)
 boolean PluginsRpc.isPluginModuleEnabled(Plugin plugin, String moduleKey)
 void PluginsRpc.uninstallPlugin(Plugin plugin)

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Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium.client with parameters of type Plugin
 void UPM.openManagePage(UPM.OpenManagePluginPageMode openManagePluginPageMode, Plugin plugin)
 void UPM.waitForPluginDetailsToBeLoaded(Plugin plugin)

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