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public interface SpaceManagerInternal
extends SpaceManager

Internal space manager interface.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 PageResponse<Space> getSpaces(SpacesQuery query, LimitedRequest limitedRequest,<? super Space>... filter)
          get a paginated list of spaces that match the spaceQuery, filtered by the given predicate
Methods inherited from interface com.atlassian.confluence.spaces.SpaceManager
archiveSpace, createPersonalSpace, createPrivatePersonalSpace, createPrivateSpace, createSpace, createSpace, ensureSpaceDescriptionExists, findPageTotal, getAllSpaceKeys, getAllSpaces, getAllSpaces, getAuthoredSpacesByUser, getLogoForGlobalcontext, getLogoForSpace, getNumberOfBlogPosts, getNumberOfMail, getPersonalSpace, getPersonalSpace, getPersonalSpace, getPersonalSpaceKey, getSpace, getSpace, getSpaceAdmins, getSpaceAdmins, getSpaceFromPageId, getSpaces, getSpacesContainingCommentsBy, getSpacesContainingPagesEditedBy, getSpacesCreatedAfter, removeSpace, removeSpace, removeSpacesInGroup, saveSpace, saveSpace, unarchiveSpace

Method Detail


PageResponse<Space> getSpaces(SpacesQuery query,
                              LimitedRequest limitedRequest,
                    <? super Space>... filter)
get a paginated list of spaces that match the spaceQuery, filtered by the given predicate

query - - the query to use to fetch the spaces from the databases
limitedRequest - - the pagination request limit
filter - - the filter to apply to the requested spaces
a PageResponse of matching spaces

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