Package com.atlassian.confluence.diff

Interface Summary
DiffChunk Deprecated. since 5.7
Differ Computes a diff between the specified left and right input.
DiffPostProcessor An interface implemented by classes that want to process the output of the Confluence Diff prior to it being returned as complete.

Class Summary
ChangeChunk Deprecated. since 5.7
CharacterChunk Deprecated. since 5.7
CharLevelDiffer Deprecated. since 5.7
ConfluenceDiff Deprecated. since 5.7.
ConfluenceHtmlSaxDiffOutput Takes a branch root and creates an HTML file for it.
ContextBlockMarkingDiffPostProcessor A DiffPostProcessor that will mark blocks of content around the diff to aid the identification of context.
DaisyHtmlDiffer Daisy HTML diff implementation.
DeltaRanker Deprecated. since 5.7
LineChunk Deprecated. since 5.7
LineLevelDiffer Deprecated. since 5.7.
LineRanker Deprecated. since 5.7
MacroIconInsertingPostProcessor Adds icons and friendly titles to diff headers in macros.
StripDaisyDiffDataPostProcessor Strips daisydiff specific attributes from document.
StripEmptySpansDiffPostProcessor CONFDEV-6604 A DiffPostProcessor that removes any empty span elements from the document, since these are invalid html and make IE8 fail to render the page correctly.
StripToContextDiffPostProcessor A DiffPostProcessor that will return a document containing only the blocks of content that are either containing a diff or are context for a diff.
WikiConvertingHtmlDiffer A Differ implementation that will inspect the BodyType of the content being diff'd and convert any wiki content to HTML prior to diffing using the supplied DaisyHtmlDiffer delegate.
WordChunk Deprecated. since 5.7
WordLevelDiffer Deprecated. since 5.7
XSLDiffPostProcessor A DiffPostProcessor that will apply a configured XSL stylesheet to the Document.

Enum Summary
DiffType Deprecated. since 5.7

Exception Summary
InterruptedDiffException Exception thrown when the diff timed out or failed, possibly in another thread.

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