Interface Summary
MacroBodyTransformationCondition Specifies the conditions by which the body of a macro should be transformed.
StorageMacroBodyParser An interface to logic that parses macro data, extracting the correct form of the body.

Class Summary
AlwaysTransformMacroBody Condition that specifies that the macro body should always be transformed.
AnnotationMacroBodyTranformationCondition Allows macro body transformation based on the RequiresFormat annotation on the Macro class.
DelegatingStorageMacroMarshaller A Marshaller of MacroDefinitions which decided which macro storage format to marshal, depending on the MacroDefinition.
DelegatingStorageMacroUnmarshaller TODO: Document this class / interface here
StorageMacroFragmentTransformerFactory A factory for producing macro-related macro storage format FragmentTransformers.
StorageMacroV1Unmarshaller Parses XHTML containing ac:macro elements and their parameters.
StorageMacroV2Marshaller Marshals a MacroDefinition into macro v2 storage format.
StorageMacroV2Unmarshaller Parses XHTML containing ac:structured-macro elements and their parameters.
TransformNonUserMacroCondition Returns true if the specified macro is not a user macro.

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