Class UrlLinkMarshaller

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration.UrlLinkMarshaller
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class UrlLinkMarshaller
extends Object
implements Marshaller<Link>

A Marshaller specifically used in handling links for UrlResourceIdentifier. These links are marshalled differently because we actually want them to become standard XHTML links of the form <a href=""> style.

Such links are not used in typical editor/storage round tripping since the editor will simply create <a href=""> style links for URLs anyway. These UrlResourceIdentifier links only occur during migration, or as part of macro parameters.

Constructor Summary
UrlLinkMarshaller(XmlStreamWriterTemplate xmlStreamWriterTemplate)
Method Summary
 Streamable marshal(Link link, ConversionContext conversionContext)
          Marshals an object to XML.
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Constructor Detail


public UrlLinkMarshaller(XmlStreamWriterTemplate xmlStreamWriterTemplate)
Method Detail


public Streamable marshal(Link link,
                          ConversionContext conversionContext)
                   throws XhtmlException
Description copied from interface: Marshaller
Marshals an object to XML.

Specified by:
marshal in interface Marshaller<Link>
link - object to marshal
conversionContext - the conversion context
the XML representation of the object
XhtmlException - if an error occurs during marshalling

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