Class ConfluenceContentMacroParameterParser

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.editor.macro.ConfluenceContentMacroParameterParser

public class ConfluenceContentMacroParameterParser
extends Object

Note: this class does not parse complete wiki markup links, because pages and blogs can contain arbitrary characters (like colons and slashes) now. It only parses the limited wiki-like format used by macro parameters of the type "confluence-content", which the autocomplete populates as "KEY: Page title".

Introduced to fix CONF-24785.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ResourceIdentifier parse(String linkText, PageContext pageContext)
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Constructor Detail


public ConfluenceContentMacroParameterParser()
Method Detail


public ResourceIdentifier parse(String linkText,
                                PageContext pageContext)

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