Class Summary
ChangeStudioConfluencePluginKeyTask Changes plugin key for studio-theme-confluence
UpgradeTo_v1 Disabling public sign-ups on new instances (Instances with no spaces)
UpgradeTo_v11 This upgrade sets the value of the external connections property to "true" so that Confluence can talk to JIRA.
UpgradeTo_v13 Enables the Office Connector plugin.
UpgradeTo_v14 Changes theme key to from "" to
UpgradeTo_v17 Disabling some Browse menu items
UpgradeTo_v19 Disabling daily backups.
UpgradeTo_v2 Disabling WebDav plugin
UpgradeTo_v21 This upgrade sets the value of the serve-javascript-in-headers property to "true" to fix the broken dropdowns in instances which have been messed with.
UpgradeTo_v23 This upgrade adds permission for users to update their status.
UpgradeTo_v3 Disabling Confluence Usage Stats plugin
UpgradeTo_v4 Adding instance of Crucible into application links
UpgradeTo_v5 Set attachments size to 100MB
UpgradeTo_v7 Disabling some Browse menu items
UpgradeTo_v8 Allows threaded comments
UT025DisableGZipCompression Globally disables the GZip compression on the application layer ( ConfluenceGzipFilter) for the hosted environment since the GZip compression is always switched on for the container.
UT029UseSharedTrustedApps Use shared trusted apps
UT032SetGlobalDescriptionObject Sets a GlobalDescription object if one does not exist.

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