Class Summary
AbstractPrimitivePropertyImportPreProcessor An abstract pre-processor for handling PrimitiveProperty property objects.
AddOutgoingApplicationLinksPostImportTask A post-import task that restores outgoing application links for a Confluence space.
BandanaContextImportPreProcessor Processes a Bandana import object, updates its value to the space key provided.
GroupMappingBuilder Builds the group mapping for PermissionsImportPreProcessor.
ImportSpaceVersionMismatchEvent Published when the user tries to import a space import from a different version.
PermissionsImportPreProcessor Processes a permission import object, takes a group mapping to apply to any groups encountered during the import.
SilentlyIgnoreDecoratorsSpaceImportPreProcessor Only system administrators can create decorators, so this operation is not allowed using the Space Importer.
SpaceImportPreProcessor Processes a space import object, updates its space key to the new key provided.
ValidateScopeSpaceImportPreProcessor Checks the data we import is in the scope of the space.

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