Package com.atlassian.sal.confluence.lifecycle

Interface Summary
ServiceExecutionStrategy<S> Strategy interface for triggering service executions.

Class Summary
ExecutionStrategyTemplate<S> Template for service executions
FireAndForgetExecutionStrategy<S> Triggers executions but does not block for them to return.
ForkAndJoinExecutionStrategy<S> Fans executions out and joins them.
MeasuringPluginUpgradeManager Measures the execution times of individual upgrade tasks.
ModuleExecutionFilter<S> Filters by ModuleCompleteKey.
OnDemandExecutionFilter Only delegates the given references in case we're running in OnDemand.
SequentialExecutionStrategy<S> Executes in the registration order.
ServiceExecutionStrategyComposite<S> Composite for different service execution strategies.
ServiceExecutionTemplate<S,R> Template for service executions.
SpringManagedModuleReferenceParser Derives a ModuleCompleteKey from a dynamic module service export.
StaticServiceExecution<S,R> Delegates service execution to a callback.
TenantAwareLifecycleManager Keeps track of which LifecycleAwares have been run for each Tenant.

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