Package com.atlassian.confluence.web.filter

Interface Summary
CachingHeaders Represents the different types of caching headers used by Confluence.

Class Summary
ConfluenceCachingFilter Provides a list of caching strategies to use with Confluence.
ConfluenceOpenSessionInViewFilter Extracted from FlushingSpringSessionInViewFilter and FlushingSpringSessionInViewFilterForHibernate.
ConfluenceSecurityFilter Removes the Seraph ALREADY_FILTERED attribute from requests, so that requests from the error dispatcher get their security context set up.
ConfluenceTimeoutFilter Manual calculation of session timeout that can take into account "excluded urls" which do not prolong the life of the session
ConfluenceTimingFilter Spring Bean based filter for monitoring web request times.
DebugFilter Emits diagnostic info about the response.
DropIfNotSetupFilter USE WITH CAUTION! This filter will drop any request that comes in when Confluence is not finished setting up.
LanguageExtractionFilter Extracts the language cookie, or if it is not present the browser language string
ResponseOutputStreamFilter Wraps the HttpServletResponse's ServletOutputStream so that it is closed properly.
ThreadLocalCacheFilter Filter that sets up and destroys the per-web-request generic threadlocal cache.

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