Package com.atlassian.confluence.util.profiling

Interface Summary
ConfluenceMonitoringControl A service provider interface to be implemented by ConfluenceMonitoring implementations.
Counter Represents an atomic counter that can be increased and decreased in value.
DurationThresholdWarningTimingHelper.Timer Simple start/stop timing interface to be used by clients.
Split Represents a split time associated with a stopwatch.

Class Summary
ConfluenceDecoratorSelector Confluence decorator selector.
ConfluenceMonitoringMethodInterceptor A method interceptor that records the execution time of methods with Java Simon.
DefaultConfluenceMonitoringController Responsible for controlling the Confluence Monitoring.
DurationThresholdWarningTimingHelper A helper class for code that wishes to perform timing of how long an arbitrary operation lasts, and for warnings to be logged if the elapsed time exceeds a configurable threshold.
DurationThresholdWarningTimingHelperFactory A factory for creating DurationThresholdWarningTimingHelper objects.
JavaSimonConfluenceMonitoring Implementation of ConfluenceMonitoring that uses Java Simon.
ProfilingPageFilter An extension of the SiteMesh PageFilter which adds profiling and delegates to ConfluenceSitemeshDecorator for the actual decoration.
VelocitySitemeshPage Sitemesh page with a getProperty method that is declared as HTML safe

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