Package com.atlassian.confluence.user

Interface Summary
ConfluenceUser Describing a Confluence user.
DisabledUserManager Manages the underlying changes to enable and disable users.
SignupManager Provides methods for adding users easily.
SignupValidator Checks that users can sign up for Confluence with the supplied credentials.
UserContentManager Object to query to manage user content
UserDetailsManager Retrieves extra details about a user
UserFormValidator Validation logic for all User forms.
UserProfilePictureManager Accesses the properties file to obtain the default user profile pictures
UserVerificationTokenManager Provides "secure token" services that can be assigned to users and later verified.

Class Summary
AddOnUserConsumesLicensePredicate Determines whether or not a username's user consumes a Confluence license.
AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal A simple ThreadLocal to store the currently authenticated user.
AuthenticatorOverwrite Disables Web Sudo and other password confirmation features when a custom authenticator is configured.
CachingConfluenceUserPropertySetFactory A PropertySetFactory specific for ConfluenceUsers that wraps another PropertySetFactory and maintains a cache of its PropertySets.
ConfluenceAuthenticator Authenticator which uses Confluence's user management code to authenticate a user against the directory which they come from (e.g.
ConfluenceCrowdSSOAuthenticator Use this authenticator instead of the default ConfluenceAuthenticator to enable SSO.
ConfluenceGroupJoiningAuthenticator This authenticator adds users to the default users group when they first log in.
ConfluenceLDAPGroupJoiningAuthenticator This authenticator adds users to default users group when they first log in, but only for users which belong to an LDAP directory.
ConfluencePropertySetFactory Deprecated. since 5.5 it's not used/tested anywhere in confluence core codebase.
ConfluenceUserImpl An implementation of the ConfluenceUser which wraps an atlassian-user User
ConfluenceUserManager A UserManager which is aware of ConfluenceUser's and will take care of the ConfluenceUser specific persistence requirements before delegating to the "standard" UserManager
ConfluenceUserPreferences Provides strongly-typed accessors for Confluence user preferences.
DebugLoggingPropertySet Adds debug logging when accessing the wrapped PropertySet.
DefaultSignupManager Handles easy-user creation in its myriad forms.
DefaultSignupValidator Validates whether a new User (assumed to be itself valid) can be self-signed up for this instance.
DefaultUserAccessor This implementation of UserAccessor takes care of all the Confluence-related actions around user management: checking permissions, publishing events, and ensuring the integrity of data in Confluence related to users.
DefaultUserProfilePictureManager Accesses the properties file to obtain the default user profile pictures
PermittedUserFinder Object to check user permissions for a specific action instance.
PermittedUserFinder.SearchResult Encapsulates all the data required by the Page Restrictions UI.
SessionKeys All of the keys used to store Confluence information in the user's session.
ThreadLocalProfilePictureCache Wrapper around the ThreadLocalCache to deal with caching user profilepictures
UnknownUser Implementation of User which represents a user that no longer exists, perhaps because the repository which contains it is no longer accessible, or the user has been removed from an external repository.
UserCacheFillerJob Since filling the list of deactivated users is slow, we pre-fill it as soon as the container is fully initialised.
UserForm Represents a User form from the UI.
UserHelper Convenience class to to provide utlity methods for Velocity templates.
UserInterfaceState Represents the current state of the various toggle-able parts of the user interface for this user.
UsernameCacheKey A class that represents a username.
UsernameToUserTranslatingPaginationSupport A special pagination support class to translate results of membership search to user objects.
UserVerificationToken Represents a verification token issued to a user or potential user.

Enum Summary
AuthenticatedUserImpersonator Impersonates an authenticated user during the execution of the given callback.
UserVerificationTokenType Represents the types of secure tokens that can be issued to users for security purposes

Exception Summary
UserManagementOperationFailedException Thrown when adding a user fails due to unknown reasons

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