Package com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.upgradetask

Class Summary
AbstractConstraintCreationUpgradeTask An abstract upgrade task for when you just want to run a bunch of constraint creation statements from a properties file.
AbstractPageTemplateMigrationUpgradeTask Base class for upgrade tasks that want to migrate page templates from one format to another.
AbstractUserMappingUpgradeTask Upgrade task to ensure that for all the user names in Confluence a ConfluenceUser object exist.
AddSpaceStatusColumnUpgradeTask Populate the space status column.
AddUniqueAttachmentIdConstraintToAttachmentDataUpgradeTask This task adds a unique constraint to the AttachmentId column on the AttachmentData table.
AtlassianUserToEmbeddedCrowdConfigurationUpgradeTask An upgrade task used to migrate the repository configuration from Atlassian User into the appropriate directories in Embedded Crowd.
BandanaKeyUniqueConstraintCleaner Cleans up the bandana table so that unique and not null constraints can be applied to the context and key columns.
BandanaKeyUniqueConstraintUpgradeTask Alter the Bandana table to make sure the Bandana context and keys have not null and unique constraints on them.
ChangeSpaceDescriptionsBodyTypeUpgradeTask This upgrade task has two responsibilities:
(1) update all SpaceDescriptions that have a BodyContent with type BodyType.XHTML back to BodyType.WIKI.
(2) resolve all entity references introduced as a result of erroneously marking SpaceDescription's as XHTML to begin with.
ConditionallyEnableMailArchivePluginUpgradeTask The mail archive feature is now packaged as a plugin and disabled by default.
ContainedCustomContentEntityObjectUpgradeTask This upgrade task tracks the schema change that makes CustomContentEntityObjects use the same PAGEID column as comments Comments, for the same reason: so custom content can be contained by a content object.
ContentParentTypeFixingUpgradeTask When writing StorageToAoMigrationUpgradeTask in the Inline Tasks plugin, we discovered that CAC had some trashed pages whose parent was a blog post.
ContentPermissionConstraintsUpgradeTask Adds required multi-column unique constraints to the content permission tables.
ContentPermissionUserDeduplicationUpgradeTask This upgrade task finds and deletes any redundant duplicate identifier values in the configured list of tables and columns.
ConvertToRelativeLinksUpgradeTask Converts any absolute links in storage format to relative links.
CorrectPNGImageAttachmentMimeTypeUpgradeTask CONF-26848 - This task will update the mime type for png images that incorrectly had it set to 'img/png' If you run this task manually, you should flush the Attachments cache
CrowdUsersUserMappingUpgradeTask Upgrade task to ensure that for all the users in Confluence a ConfluenceUser object exist.
DataAccessUtils Provides access to several underlying Hibernate and JDBC data access objects, which are commonly used in database-related upgrade tasks.
DefaultSpaceContentPageLayoutsUpgradeTask Updates the default space content that will be used for new spaces to use page layouts.
DisableConfluenceInvitePluginUpgradeTask Disables the Confluence Invite Plugin - which used to be bundled as part of the Confluence Fireball release, but may have also been installed by customers in a behind the fireball instance.
DropContentLockTableUpgradeTask The CONTENTLOCK table was finally removed in Confluence 4.2, and needs to be dropped lest its hanging foreign key constraint cause issues.
EhCacheConfigMigrationUpgradeTask An upgrade task which migrates EhCache config.
EmbeddedCrowdInitUpgradeTask Initialises data that is required by Embedded Crowd.
EmbeddedCrowdPropertySetFactoryMigrationUpgradeTask Converts user preferences and other user properties (e.g.
EmbeddedCrowdSchemaUpgradeTask Adds required multi-column unique constraints to the Crowd database tables This upgrade task is only retained due to its usage in DefaultHibernateConfigurator.
GenericContentPropertiesUpgradeTask This upgrade task tracks the schema change that moves ContentProperties from CustomContentEntityObject to the generic ContentEntityObject.
InitialiseIndexJournalStateUpgradeTask This upgrade task migrates index task queue state to journal state.
InstallationDateUpgradeTask Persists installation date of the Confluence instance.
JiraIssueMacroServerParamsUpgradeTask CONF-25329: This upgrade task adds additional JIRA Issue macro params that allow us to resolve a renamed application link.
LikesDanglingFKCleanupUpgradeTask Previously likes on comments were not deleted when the parent page was removed.
LoginInfoDuplicateEntryRemovalUpgradeTask Goes through the LoginInfo database table and looks for multiple rows corresponding to the same user, removing duplicates where it finds them.
LowerCaseUsernameReferencesUpgradeTask Updates username references to contain lower-cased usernames.
MailServerTimeoutUpgradeTask Updates existing SMTP mail server configurations with an appropriate and short timeout (both socket and connection timeouts).
MigrateIndexTaskQueueToJournalUpgradeTask This upgrade task migrates recent entries from index queue to journal subsystem.
MinorEditAttachmentsUpgradeTask Upgrade task to mark existing attachments as not hidden by default after the new column has been added
OnDemandSpacePermissionsDefaultUpgradeTask Migrates A la carte default space permission settings from a studio specific context to the Confluence default context.
PageTemplateWikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask Convert all wiki formatted content to XHTML content as part of the upgrade.
PageTemplateXhtmlRoundTripMigrationUpgradeTask Migrates page templates using a storage format round trip process.
PersonalSpaceCreatorCheckUpgradeTask An upgrade task which ensures that all personal spaces have a creator user which matches their user name.
RebuildIndexUpgradeTask Trigger a rebuild of the lucene index
ReferencedUsersUserMappingUpgradeTask Upgrade task to ensure that for all the user names in Confluence a ConfluenceUser object exist.
RemovePeopleDirectoryDuplicatesUpgradeTask The index flushing strategy is (intentionally) inaccurate and relies on an in-memory 'flushed entries' cache to prevent the same object being flushed twice.
RemoveRemoteAppsPluginUpgradeTask Upgrade task to remove the remotable app i18n plugin from existing confluence instances.
RenameEhcachePropertiesUpgradeTask Renames ehcache properties to have more generic name so it could be used for cache tuning across different cache providers
SessionClearingRowCallbackHandler Implementation of RowCallbackHandler which clears the session after processing a configurable number of rows.
SetAttachmentStorageSettingForClustersUpgradeTask Set attachment storage type setting to database for clustered instances.
UserIndexingUpgradeTask Upgrade task to ensure that for all the user names attached to content in Confluence a PersonalInformation objects exist.
UserKeyReferenceUpgradeTask Upgrade tasks to update all tables with user name references to have user key references.
UserMappingLowerUsernameSchemaUpgradeTask Upgrade task which will make lower_username column nullable.
UserMappingSchemaUpgradeTask Upgrade tasks which will explicitly create the UserMapping table (from Hibernate configuration).
WikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask Convert all wiki formatted content to XHTML content as part of the upgrade.
XhtmlRoundTripMigrationUpgradeTask Convert all legacy formatted content to the current XHTML format as part of the upgrade.

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