Package com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade

Interface Summary
BackupSupport Interface implemented by AbstractUpgradeTasks which provide information to the backup manager to manage backward and forward compatibility.
BuildNumberUpgradeConstraint Represents a build number related constraint to be tested against an UpgradeTask which decides whether the task should apply or not.
DatabaseUpgradeTask A marker interface to be implemented by upgrade tasks that perform operations on the database.
DeferredUpgradeTask An upgrade task that has a property indicating that it's run should be deferred until some later time.
UpgradeGate Gate the upgrade progress across nodes so that only one node will perform plugin dependent upgrades.
UpgradeManager UpgradeManager is responsible for creating a list of UpgradeTasks.
UpgradeTask Upgrade task.

Class Summary
AbstractUpgradeTask A useful base class for UpgradeTasks.
BuildAndVersionNumber It's a build number which also provides the human-readable version.
BuildNumComparator Deprecated. since 4.2
HSQL17To18PreUpgradeCleaner Cleans up an embedded HSQL instance by opening it and shutting it down.
IsNewerThan A constraint that will test whether the build number configured on the constraint is newer than the build number passed to IsNewerThan.test(int).
IsNewerThanAndConfiguredNumberHighEnough A constraint that will test whether the build number configured on the constraint is newer than the build number passed to IsNewerThanAndConfiguredNumberHighEnough.test(int) AND the application configured build number is higher than a configured value.
PluginExportCompatibility Describes how the plugin's ActiveObjects data can be exported to other versions of the plugin.
PluginFrameworkDependentUpgrader Run the upgrade tasks that require that PluginFramework to be available.
UpgradeUtils Deprecated. since 3.5.9 Use HibernateDdlExecutor and associated DdlCommands, or HibernateConfig if your code still needs to know which DB type its using.
VersionNumberComparator Comparator that attempts to place software version numbers (i.e.

Exception Summary

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