Package com.atlassian.confluence.testbatching

Interface Summary
TestWeightCalculator An interface for calculating the "weight" of a test class.

Class Summary
TestBatcher Locates tests on the classpath and partitions them into batches using a TestBatchingStrategy, which are then run by TestBatchRunner.
TestBatchRunner A JUnit Runner which splits up the tests described by the accompanying BatchedTests annotation, and executes the tests in the batch specified by the system properties.
TestWeightCalculator.TestCounter A simple TestWeightCalculator implementation which uses the number of individual tests in the test class as the weight.
WeightedTestBatchingStrategy An implementation of TestBatchingStrategy which partitions the tests based on the calculated "weight" of each test class, trying to keep the total weight in each partition as even as possible.

Annotation Types Summary
BatchedTests Describes how to locate the tests that will be executed by TestBatchRunner.

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