Package com.atlassian.confluence.tenant

Interface Summary
TenantRegistry Relies on the tenant object's identity.

Class Summary
BroadcastingTenantRegistry Decorator for TenantRegistry which publishes the events specified in the Atlassian Tenancy API.
OpenTenantGateLongRunningTask Allow LongRunningTasks to pass through the TenantGate even though it's currently closed (vacant instance).
SystemTenant Holder for the system tenant.
TenantedContainerContext A context containing tenanted resources.
TenantGate Prevents access to tenanted beans in case of a vacant (zero tenancy) instance.
TenantGateFilter Allows setting a permit for HTTP workers for the TenantGate despite of its state.
VolatileSingleTenantRegistry Zero to one tenant registry.

Exception Summary
VacantException Thrown when tenant-specific beans are accessed without a tenant.

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