Package com.atlassian.confluence.servlet

Interface Summary

Class Summary
ConfluenceHttpServlet Deprecated. Since 5.5.
ConfluenceNoOpServlet No op servlet for CONF-7953
ConfluenceServletDispatcher This action sets the max size for MultipartRequests to be Integer.MAX_VALUE if the name of the action is "restore.action"
ConfluenceVelocityServlet An improved WW VelocityServlet which doesn't load velocity twice!

We have copied code here because we can't override the WebWorkVelocityServlet as it calls VelocityServlet.init() which loads _another_ entire identical instance of Velocity (beyond the VelocityManager's instance), and the two are used interchangeably.

DelegatingServletManager Deprecated. Since 5.5, not used.
ExportWordPageServer Export a page as HTML which Microsoft Word will understand.
FileServerServlet Serves files from Confluence: attachments, custom resources, thumbnails, plugin resources, etc.
HttpPreventCachingFilter Filter that applies a HTTP caching strategy over the Likes REST API.
LabelServlet Simple servlet to map requests to /label// or /label/ to /labels/viewlabel.action The label name is mandatory, the space key is optional, restricting the view of the label to a specific space.
ReadyToServeServlet Trivial servlet used to log an application ready message to the lifecycle log.
SpringManagedServlet Servlet that defers all its execution to a Spring-bean.

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