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Uses of PageView in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium with parameters of type PageView
 java.lang.String TinyMceColorPickerTest.getContentColor(PageView page)

Uses of PageView in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium.client

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium.client that return PageView
 PageView Editor.cancel()
 PageView Suite.logIn(User user, BlogPost destination)
 PageView Suite.logIn(User user, Page destination)
 PageView dialog)
 PageView Editor.saveWithKeyboardShortcut()
 PageView Suite.viewPage(LinkableContent page)
          Views the given page or blogpost, without logging in, and returns a PageView.

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium.client with parameters of type PageView
 void Editor.addComment(PageView pageView)
          Add a comment from a page view.
 boolean PageView.isPageElementRightAligned(java.lang.String element, PageView page)
          Checks if an element on a given page is right-aligned.

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