Interface Summary
WebSudoManager Manages the WebSudo related access to Request, Response and Session objects and provides a method to determine if an XWork action should be treated as a WebSudo resource (WebSudoManager.matches(String, Class, java.lang.reflect.Method).

Class Summary
AuthenticateAction Used to authenticate a web sudo session.
DefaultWebSudoManager See WebSudoManager for further documentation.
DropAuthenticationAction Used to authenticate a web sudo session.
MessagesDecoratorFilter Filter that adds global messages to the templates that use #displayGlobalMessages() macro.
WebSudoInterceptor Checks for WebSudo authentication details on incoming requests
WebSudoMessage Message used to feedback to the user of an open websudo session

Annotation Types Summary
WebSudoNotRequired Deprecated. since 3.4 - please use WebSudoNotRequired instead.
WebSudoRequired Deprecated. since 3.4 - please use WebSudoRequired instead.

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