Interface Summary
AsymmetricKeyFactory Simple interface for generating public/private key pairs
CertificateRetrievalService This service is used to download application certificates and present them as a AliasedKey
CurrentApplicationIdProvider Provides the ID for the current application in trusted apps.
KeyPairInitialiser Initialises system key pairs
KeyStore A simple keystore supporting the retrieval and storage of public keys and public/private key pairs.
TrustedToken A token for trusted communications between Atlassian applications
TrustedTokenFactory A factory for generating trusted tokens

Class Summary
DefaultCurrentApplicationIdProvider Default implementation of the CurrentApplicationIdProvider.
DefaultTrustedApplicationsManager Manager to support trusted communications between applications
HttpCertificateRetrievalService This class retrieves a trusted application certificate via http.
KeyPairComparator Compares KeyPairs for equality based on the equals method of the public and private keys.
ProviderBasedAsymmetricKeyFactory Key factory for generating asymmetric cryptographic keys.
TrustedApplicationIpRestriction A trusted application restriction type that uses the source IP address.
TrustedApplicationUrlRestriction A trusted application restriction type that uses the target url.

Exception Summary

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