Class CacheBackedLuceneSearchMapperRegistry

  extended by
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public class CacheBackedLuceneSearchMapperRegistry
extends java.lang.Object
implements LuceneSearchMapperRegistry

A search mapper registry that operates on a cache only. The purpose of this cache is to minimise lookups against the plugin subsystem. If a mapper cannot be found in the cache, this registry currently does not fall back to looking it up in the actual plugin subsystem.

This cache is initialised on the very first search mapper lookup and is only updated in response to a plugin event (see LuceneSearchMapperRegistryCacheUpdateListener).

Field Summary
protected  com.atlassian.plugin.PluginAccessor pluginAccessor
Constructor Summary
CacheBackedLuceneSearchMapperRegistry(com.atlassian.plugin.PluginAccessor pluginAccessor)
Method Summary
 LuceneQueryMapper getQueryMapper(java.lang.String key)
 LuceneResultFilterMapper getResultFilterMapper(java.lang.String key)
 LuceneSearchFilterMapper getSearchFilterMapper(java.lang.String key)
 LuceneSortMapper getSortMapper(java.lang.String key)
 void synchronizeModuleDescriptorsCache()
          Initialise or refresh the cache of lucene mapper module descriptors from the plugin subsystem
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Field Detail


protected final com.atlassian.plugin.PluginAccessor pluginAccessor
Constructor Detail


public CacheBackedLuceneSearchMapperRegistry(com.atlassian.plugin.PluginAccessor pluginAccessor)
Method Detail


public LuceneQueryMapper getQueryMapper(java.lang.String key)
Specified by:
getQueryMapper in interface LuceneSearchMapperRegistry


public LuceneSortMapper getSortMapper(java.lang.String key)
Specified by:
getSortMapper in interface LuceneSearchMapperRegistry


public LuceneResultFilterMapper getResultFilterMapper(java.lang.String key)
Specified by:
getResultFilterMapper in interface LuceneSearchMapperRegistry


public LuceneSearchFilterMapper getSearchFilterMapper(java.lang.String key)
Specified by:
getSearchFilterMapper in interface LuceneSearchMapperRegistry
key - the key of the SearchFilter to fetch a mapper for
a mapper for a search filter with the specified key


public void synchronizeModuleDescriptorsCache()
Initialise or refresh the cache of lucene mapper module descriptors from the plugin subsystem

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