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com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration.macro Provides an extensible, flexible search API. Provides a Lucene-backed implementation of the SearchManager   

Uses of ResultFilter in com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration.macro

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration.macro with parameters of type ResultFilter
protected  SearchResults MacroMigrationService.findPagesWithUnmigratedMacros(ResultFilter filter)

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Fields in declared as ResultFilter
protected  ResultFilter AbstractSearch.resultFilter

Methods in that return ResultFilter
 ResultFilter ISearch.getResultFilter()
          Deprecated. since 5.5. Please consider implemeting SearchFilter. If you must perform post search filtering, you can filter SearchResults returned by the methods on SearchManager.
 ResultFilter DefaultSearchWithToken.getResultFilter()
 ResultFilter AbstractSearch.getResultFilter()
          Gets the results filter component of the search

Constructors in with parameters of type ResultFilter
AbstractSearch(SearchQuery query, SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, int startOffset, int limit, ResultFilter resultFilter)
AbstractSearch(SearchQuery query, SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)
ChangesSearch(SearchQuery query, SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)
ChangesSearch(SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)
ContentSearch(SearchQuery query, SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)
          Construct a new Search.
DefaultSearch(SearchQuery query, SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)
Search(SearchQuery query, SearchSort sort, SearchFilter searchFilter, ResultFilter resultFilter)

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Classes in that implement ResultFilter
 class SubsetResultFilter
          Deprecated. since 5.5. To limit search results to a certain offset and maxResults use the following instead:
     int startOffset = 0;
int maxResults = 10;
ContentSearch search = new ContentSearch(query, sort, filter, startOffset, maxResults);

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Methods in with parameters of type ResultFilter
 LuceneResultFilter LuceneResultFilterMapper.convertToLuceneResultFilter(ResultFilter resultFilter)
 LuceneResultFilter DelegatingLuceneSearchMapper.convertToLuceneResultFilter(ResultFilter resultFilter)

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Methods in with parameters of type ResultFilter
 LuceneResultFilter SubsetResultFilterMapper.convertToLuceneResultFilter(ResultFilter resultFilter)

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