Interface Summary
ChangeIndexer Indexer for changes.
ConfluenceSearchScope Determines the scope of a search.
HandleAware An interface that should be implemented by IndexTasks that are intended to be persistent and whose work depend on a persistent object - one which can be loaded by using the handle provided by an implementation of HandleAware.getHandle().
IndexerControl Allows clients to enable/disable indexing.
IndexTask Indexing task.
IndexTaskPerformer Responsible for performing an IndexTask.

Class Summary
DefaultSearchResultResultRenderer Loaded as a spring bean and is the default renderer that DelegatedSearchResultRenderer falls back on when no other renderer can be found.
DelegatedSearchResultRenderer The class includes the logic to loop through the available search result renderers and pick on that can render the result and use it to render.
LexicographicUtils A utility class for converting non-string values into string values with a lexicographic order that preserves the orginal order of the values.
SearchResultRenderContext Render context for search results.
SearchResultRendererCache The class caches the list of search result renderers installed in the system.
SearchResultRendererCacheUpdater The class listens for plugin changes and notifies the search result renderer cache of any changes made to plugins.
ThreadLocalIndexerControl Allows the enabling and disabling of indexing for the current executing thread.

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