Interface Summary
CollectionEnricher Enriches collections with extra properties that participate in our json serialization
EntityEnricher Enriches entities with extra properties that participate in json serialization

Class Summary
BaseLinkEnricher Adds the baseUrl to the _links property of rest entities and collections
EnricherResourceFilterFactory Filter factory producing a resourceFilter that will apply the given enrichers to the a ContainerResponses entity.
EntityCollectionLinkEnricher Enriches entities with links to the collection that they belong to.
ExpandableEntityEnricher Enriches entities with an _expandable object which describes what properties are expandable.
NavigationCollectionEnricher Enriches collection results with next / prev links
SelfLinkCollectionEnricher Adds self links to collection resources.
StaticEnricherFilter Provides static access to the enrichment stack, this is provided to allow our rest doc to generate accurate examples
VisitorWrapper Wraps an entity visitor and optionally applies that visitor recursively

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