Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.emailgateway.service

Interface Summary
BulkEmailProcessingService Defines operations for bulk handling of incoming email.
EmailHandlerService Service that processes ReceivedEmail by passing it to EmailHandlers discovered via OSGi, sorted by weight.
ReceivedEmailMimeConverter Converts MimeMessages from the Mail Server poll into ReceivedEmails that can be stored.
StagedEmailThreadManager Defines operations concerning the storage and retrieval of StagedEmailThread objects.

Class Summary
BandanaStagedEmailThreadManager A StagedEmailThreadManager that persists the StagedEmailThread objects in Bandana.
BulkPollingEmailProcessingService An implementation of BulkEmailProcessingService which polls for new inbound emails using an EmailPoller, then hands them off to an EmailHandlerService for processing.
DefaultEmailHandlerService Handles emails with a collection of pluggable EmailHandler implementations.
DefaultUsersByEmailService Looks up users matching an email address using the UserAccessor
EmailThreadConversionStartedEvent Event that is published when a user confirms that they want to publish an email thread as a page.
EmailThreadConvertedEvent Event that is published when a page is created from an email.
EmailThreadStagedEvent Event that is published when a page is staged from an email.
InMemoryStagedEmailThreadManager An uninteresting implementation of StagedEmailThreadManager that holds the values in memory.

Exception Summary

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