Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.emailgateway.api

Interface Summary
AttachmentConverter<T> Converts attachments into a Confluence object, like Link or MacroDefinition.
AttachmentConverterService Given an email attachment Mime part, returns an XML storage-format string.
ConfirmationNotificationSender Sends an email to the original sender in order to avoid spamming.
EmailContentParser Parses fields from an email.
EmailHandler Component that handles a particular kind of ReceivedEmail.
EmailHtmlToStorageConverter Converts HTML from emails into storage format XHTML.
EmailStagingService Defines operations for staging new inbound emails.
EmailToContentConverter<C extends ContentEntityObject> Converts a given email thread to content.
LinkConverter<B,T> Takes an XHTML API Link object and converts it to another object based on the URL ResourceIdentifier of the Link.
StagedEmailThreadAdminService Describes operations for managing existing StagedEmailThread objects.
StagingEmailHandler<C extends ContentEntityObject> An EmailHandler that stages emails.
UsersByEmailService A service that helps you get users given an e-mail addresses

Class Summary
AbstractEmailHandler All EmailHandler implementations should extend this class, for weights.
BaseLinkConverter<B> A base class for converters, with common behaviour baked in.
EmailHeaders Represents all of the headers on an email
LinkFactory Makes new Link instances.
ReceivedEmailBuilder A convenient builder for tests that need to construct ReceivedEmail objects.
SerializableAttachment Wrapper for MailUtils.Attachment that won't kill Bandana.
StagedEmailThread Represents an email thread staged and ready for approval and conversion into a page.
StagedEmailThreadKey Represents a reference to a staged email thread.

Enum Summary
EmailBodyType Supported email body types.

Exception Summary
EmailHandlingException Thrown if an email cannot be handled for some reason.

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