Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugin

Interface Summary
BankAccount A simple test entity
ModuleDescriptorCache.Initializer<T> Implementations of this interface are used to initialize a ModuleDescriptorCache
PluginDirectoryProvider This bean provides access to plugin-specific directories found in the confluence home.
PluginParentDirectoryLocator Strategy class for the SimplePluginDirectoryProvider to find the parent directory in which to put all the plugin working directories.
SearchResultRenderer Interface for plugins that will provide a customized rendering of a search result should implement.

Class Summary
BandanaPluginStateStore Stores PluginManagerState using Bandana.
CachingPluginStateStore Wrapper for PluginPersistentStateStore that caches retrieved values.
CompositeModuleDescriptorPredicate<T> Composite plugin module predicates.
ConfluenceApplication Required by the plugin system.
ConfluenceHostContainer Host container that uses Spring to instantiate objects.
ConfluencePluginManager Extension of DefaultPluginManager which listens for plugin events fired on other nodes.
ConfluencePluginObjectFactory Custom ObjectFactory that will delegate to the provided class loader.
DatabaseClassLoadingPluginLoader A plugin loader implementation that copies plugins from the PluginDataDao to a working directory on the filesystem, then delegates to ScanningPluginLoader which performs the actual class loading from this directory.
DatabasePluginScanner Scans the database for plugin data.
DefaultPluginInstaller A default implementation for a plugin repository which simply delegates to a PluginDataDao.
DirectoryScanningPluginFactory The 'DirectoryScanningPluginFactory' generates a directory scanning pluginLoader which provides the functionality to load plugin jars from a custom defined path.
EmptyPluginStateStore This class is used during bootstrap, and contains no configuration -- all plugins will be in their default state.
EventDispatchingPluginController Delegates each control operation to a PluginController then fires an event to replicate operations across the Confluence cluster.
ModuleDescriptorCache<T extends ModuleDescriptor<?>> Caches module descriptors of a given module descriptor class and its subclasses.
ModuleDescriptorCacheFactory A factory to create typed instances of ModuleDescriptorCache
NullPluginAccessor No-op plugin accessor that can be substituted when the plugin system is unavailable.
PluginEventLogger Listens for Confluence plugin events and logs them.
PluginFrameworkContextListener Starts the plugin framework when the application starts and shuts it down when it finishes.
PluginLoadersFactory Responsible for initialising all the plugin loaders Confluence needs to start the plugin system.
PluginsClassLoaderAvailableEvent Event fired to signal that the plugin system classloader is available for use.
PluginsClassLoaderConfigurationListener This application event listener will configure the provided delegation class loader to use the plugins classloader once the PluginsClassLoaderAvailableEvent is fired.
SimplePluginDirectoryProvider Creates the standard set of plugin directories as subdirectories of a provided parent directory.
XWorkObjectFactoryConfigurator Configures the XWork object factory to use a ConfluencePluginObjectFactory

Exception Summary

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