Package com.atlassian.confluence.pages.persistence.dao.filesystem

Class Summary
FileSystemAttachmentDataDao An implementation of AttachmentDataDao which stores the attachment data as files on a filesystem, using the standard File API via the AttachmentDataFileSystem interface.
HierarchicalContentFileSystemHelper Provides utilties for creating hierarchical directory structures for storing Confluence content-related files.
IdMultiPartHashGenerator A class that will take a long Confluence Id and converted it to a multi-part hash with a particular number of parts.
UpdateAttachmentsOnFilesystemOnPageMoveListener A listener interested in page and blog post move events which will ensure any attachments associated with a page/blog post being moved are also moved to the new location.

Exception Summary
UpdateAttachmentsOnFileSystemException An exception indicating that there was a problem moving the storage of attachments.

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