Package com.atlassian.confluence.mail

Interface Summary
MailContentManager Deprecated.
MailContentProcessor An interface defining a component that will process email content.
MailQueueManager Manages the queue for outgoing mail.

Class Summary
BotocssMailContentProcessor Takes a serialized HTML document as input and injects CSS taken from the <style> tags in to the appropriate elements as inline style attributes.
ConfluencePopMailServer A Confluence/Atlassian-flavoured POP server that stores the email address associated with the POP account.
DefaultMailContentManager Deprecated. since 4.2.
DefaultMailContentProcessor Delegates to a list of other MailContentProcessor implementations.
EmailToContentAcceptanceTest Tests mail service that retrieves emails from a mail server and converts them to Confluence content.
Mail Deprecated. since 4.2.
XsltMailContentProcessor Transform email content by applying an XSL transform to it.

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