Package com.atlassian.confluence.mail.notification.listeners

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AbstractNotificationsListener<T extends Event>  
AddCreatorAsWatcherOnPageCreationListener Listens to pages being created, and adds creator as watchers if auto-watch is on.
AttachmentNotificationsListener.AttachmentMetadataHolder Contains data required to render attachment information in Notifications soy template
NotificationData Data that is related to a set of notifications about a change in the system.
PageEventToAsyncPageEventTransformerListener Deprecated. since 5.3 this class is intermittent bridge for safe migration from sync to async event processing and not intended to long term usage.
PerNotificationData Data that is specific to a single email notification sent to a single user.
UserStatusNotificationsListener Sends notifications when new Statuses are created.

Enum Summary
NotificationApiDarkFeature Holder enum for the dark feature flag for notification api plugin.
NotificationTemplate Used to decide whether to use the Soy-based, ADG-styled notification templates or fallback to the Velocity-based, legacy templates.

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