Package com.atlassian.confluence.macro

Interface Summary
CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder An interface implemented by a Macro that wishes to provide its own HTML placeholder to the Confluence Editor.
Macro Represents a Confluence macro.
MacroDefinitionDeserializer Responsible for deserializing to a MacroDefinition.
MacroDefinitionSerializer Responsible for serializing a MacroDefinition.
ResourceAware Interface for making Macros resource aware.
StreamableMacro Macro that consumes and produces Streamables instead of Strings.

Class Summary
ContentFilteringMacro Convenience class that provides default values for macros which retrieve content from somewhere else in Confluence.
GenericVelocityMacro A configurable and generic macro that renders a Velocity template as part of its execution.
LazyLoadingMacroWrapper Used to wrap a Macro in a LazyReference.
MacroDefinitionRequestDeserializer Responsible for deserializing the encoded representation of a MacroDefinition produced by MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer.
MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer Serializes a MacroDefinition first into wiki markup and then base64 encodes the wiki markup.
MacroDefinitionWikiMarkupDeserializer Deserializes a wiki markup format macro declaration to a MacroDefinition.
MacroDefinitionWikiMarkupSerializer Serializes a MacroDefinition to string in wiki markup.
MacroExecutionContext Container for the execution context of a macro (i.e., the state passed to it on Macro.execute(java.util.Map, String, com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContext)).
StreamableMacroAdapter Adapter for the StreamableMacro interface that provides a default implementation of the redundant execute method.
V2CompatibilityMacro A wrapper macro that retains compatibility with our old V2 macros.
V2CompatibilityModuleDescriptorPredicate Predicate class that encapsulates the logic of determining whether a particular module descriptor should be accepted as a v2 compatibility module descriptor.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder.PlaceholderGenerationException An exception thrown if there is a problem in generating the custom placeholder.
MacroExecutionException Thrown when there is an error executing a macro.

Annotation Types Summary
AsyncRenderSafe Used to annotate a macro that is safe to be rendered asynchronously on a page without requiring a page refresh

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