Package com.atlassian.confluence.jmx

Interface Summary
CacheStatisticsMXBean Declares JMX attributes for exposing application cache statistics.
MBeanExporterWithUnregister This interface has been created to allow us to perform additional necessary operations that are not provided via Spring's JMX support classes.

Class Summary
CurrentTimeFacade Allows unit tests for system time dependant functions.
JmxFilter This filter will profile incoming requests to measure : Total of requests served Number of requests currently being served Average execution time of the last ten requests Number of requests received in the last ten seconds

This adds some overhead to each page request, so it may be worth not adding this filter to the chain by default.

JmxIndexManagerWrapper Wrapper to expose statistics for ConfluenceIndexManager.
JmxScheduledTaskWrapper Wraps our scheduled tasks to provide which jobs are currently running All jobs configured, with their last execution time
JmxSMTPMailServer Wraps the SMTPMailServerImpl to provide metrics for The number of emails sent in total The number of emails succesfully delivered The time the last successful email was sent Connectivity without sending a test email Also allows the from name of emails to be set.
JmxSystemInfoWrapper Delegated to SystemInformationService to provide a subset of the information provided on the ViewSystemInfo page.
JmxUtil Exposes various utility methods to simplify the process of registering / ungregistering MBeans.
JxmCacheStatisticsWrapper A JMX MXBean implementation that makes available the application cache statistics.
MBeanExporterWithUnregisterImpl Extends Spring's MBeanExporter to provide an unregister operation (which for some reason they don't have).
RequestMetrics Bean intended to be exposed via JMX to represent various system health metrics.
TaskQueueWrapper Wraps AbstractErrorQueuedTaskQueue to expose its more interesting statistics via JMX.

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