Package com.atlassian.confluence.impl.journal

Provides implementation of Journal Service.


Interface Summary
JournalDao Provides access to JournalEntry objects.
JournalManager This manager is an entry point to the journal subsystem.
JournalStateStore Provides per node persistence for saving the id of the most recent entry that has been retrieved from the journal.

Class Summary
DefaultJournalManager This is the default implementation of JournalManager.
DefaultJournalService This is the default implementation of JournalService.
FilesystemJournalStateStore Persists journal state in the local home directory on each node.
HibernateJournalDao JournalDao that uses Hibernate for persistence.
JournalCleaner Removes old journal entries.
JournalEntry Entry in a journal.
JournalIdentifierUserType Converts JournalIdentifiers to and from strings in the DB.
JournalStateResettingListener Resets journal state on remote nodes after site import.

Package com.atlassian.confluence.impl.journal Description

Provides implementation of Journal Service.

This package is NOT exposed to the plugin classpath, by being excluded in the packageScanningConfiguration of bootstrapContext.xml.


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