Package com.atlassian.confluence.event

Interface Summary
Evented<T> An interface indicating that a given action has a related event it wants to be published once the action completes.

Class Summary
ConfluenceEventDispatcher Confluence specific even dispatcher which doesn't have any functionality and sole purpose is to relax visibility of ConfluenceEventDispatcher.getAsynchronousExecutor() method

Needed for tests which are relying on completion of async events.

ConfluenceEventManager Deprecated. Since 3.3, use ConfluenceEventPublisherManager
ConfluenceEventPublisherManager Implementation of the atlassian-events EventPublisher for use with an injected EventDispatcher.
ConfluenceListenerHandlersConfiguration This is the specific configuration to remain backward compatible with old events.
ConfluencePoolBasedEventExecutorFactory Uses a ThreadPoolExecutor.CallerRunsPolicy for running threads in case if queue is full
CpuBasedThreadPoolConfiguration EventThreadPoolConfiguration implementation that creates configuration for ThreadPoolExecutor based on cpus available.
EventPublisherInterceptor Collects events from Evented actions after they've executed , and publishes them via the EventPublisher.
EventUtils Contains various utility methods for simplifying the Event handling process.
MonitorableCallerRunsPolicy ThreadPoolExecutor.CallerRunsPolicy implementation which publishes QueueOverflowEvent if there are no more threads or queue slots available to process all events
NoOpEventPublisher Used in bootstrap code when we don't want to publish any events.
SynchronousEventFilter Allows to force the synchronous dispatch of given events.
TimingEventPublisher An EventPublisher implementation that times how long it takes to publish an event, and logs a warning if the time is above a threshold.
TypeWhitelist Predicate to check if the given object is an instance of one of the given types.

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