Package com.atlassian.confluence.core.persistence.hibernate

Interface Summary
ExporterAnyTypeDao Sub-interface of AnyTypeDao, not available to plugins, that ties the result type of findAllPersistentObjectsHandles to the implementation relied on by export.

Class Summary
BodyContentHibernateDao This DAO is used to support the migration of wiki formatted content to XHTML formatted.
CompositeInterceptor Hibernate interceptor that allows the chaining of multiple sub-interceptors.
ConfigurableMappingResources This class allows to override and add to hibernate mappings defined in Spring XML configuration.
ConfluenceHibernateConfig Hibernate configuration for Confluence.
ConfluenceHibernateObjectDao Abstract superclass of all Confluence hibernate DAOs.
ContentTypeEnumUserType Converts ContentTypeEnums to and from strings in the DB.
HibernateHandleResolver Resolves a Handle for a persistent object.
HibernateSessionManager Provides methods to manage objects in the current Hibernate Session.
SimpleHibernateBatchOperationManager Performs a batch operation in a series of independent transactions containing an arbitrary number of operations (which happens to be 50).
TransientHibernateHandle This handle implementation cannot be converted to a String.
VersionedHibernateObjectDao<T extends EntityObject>  

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