Package com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration

Interface Summary
BatchableWorkSource<T> Source of migration work that can be broken up into batches.
BatchTask<T> A BatchTask implementation is supplied to a WorkSourceBatchRunner to actually perform the required work on individual items read from the BatchableWorkSource.
ContentDao DAO to allow us to load content objects by id for migration.
EmbeddedResourceResolver Interface to represent the concern of resolving of a v2 embedded resource into a persistent Attachment object.
ExceptionThrowingMigrator Migrates / converts text from one format to another.
ExceptionTolerantMigrator Migrates / converts text from one text format to another.
LinkResolver Resolves wiki text to an xhtml link.
MacroReplacementRenderer Generates a rendering that is to replace or override the default rendering of a macro to XHTML storage format.
MacroReplacementRendererRepository Representing a component that maintains a list of MacroReplacementRenderer to be used during migration of macros.
MigrationAware To be implemented by those FragmentTransformers, Unmarshallers and Marshallers which are aware of when they've made a transformation that constitutes a "migration" from one format to another.
OrderedEntityObjectBatchableWorkSource.EntitySource<T extends EntityObject>  
SiteMigrator A component responsible for performing the conversion of content within Confluence to the latest format.

Class Summary
AbstractExceptionTolerantMigrator A partial implementation of ExceptionTolerantMigrator which provides a default implementation of the deprecated AbstractExceptionTolerantMigrator.migrate(String, com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContext, java.util.List) method, which delegates to the ExceptionTolerantMigrator.migrate(String, com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.ConversionContext) method.
AbstractOrderedEntityObjectBatchableWorkSource<T extends EntityObject> Deprecated. Since 5.3 Use OrderedEntityObjectBatchableWorkSource.
ColorMacroReplacementRenderer Converts the old style wiki color macro into an XHTML <span> elements (as used by TinyMCE).
ContentWithTasksWorkSource A work source that provides batches of ContentEntityObjects that have XHTML formatted bodies.
DefaultMacroReplacementRendererRepository A MacroReplacementRendererRepository that looks up MacroReplacementRenderers based on the class of the macro to be replaced.
DelegatingMigrationAwareFragmentTransformer A simple delegating implementation of MigrationAware and FragmentTransformer.
ErrorReportingV2Renderer Extend the V2Render with a new method where a writeable List can be supplied to collect any exceptions thrown during renderering.
ExceptionTolerantMigrator.MigrationResult Represents the results of an attempted migration.
LatestVersionXhtmlContentWorkSource A work source that provides batches of ContentEntityObjects that have XHTML formatted bodies.
LazyLoadingMigrationRenderer Required to allow us to break a circular dependency of the subRenderer back to the renderer.
MigrationAware.MigrationPerformedPredicate Wraps the MigrationAware interface in a Predicate.
MigrationPageTemplateDao Overrides the default behaviour to prevent the last modified user being changed when migrating.
NolinkMacroReplacementRenderer Converts the old style nolink or nl macro into an XHTML <span> elements
OrderedEntityObjectBatchableWorkSource<T extends EntityObject> A BatchableWorkSource implementation which retrieves batches of EntityObjects by ordering the entities by their IDs.
PageTemplateSiteMigrator A SiteMigrator that manages the migration of Page Templates.
SiteMigratorFactory Creates various flavours of SiteMigrator.
UrlLinkMarshaller A Marshaller specifically used in handling links for UrlResourceIdentifier.
UrlResourceIdentifier URL based identifier.
WikiMarkupContentEntityObjectMigrationWorkSource Source that provides batches of ContentEntityObjects that require migration.
WikiToEditorHtmlMigrator Convert a wiki formatted String into Confluence Editor format HTML.
WikiToXhtmlMigrator Convert wiki formatted text to the XHTML format used for storage from Confluence 4.0.
WorkSourceBatchRunner<T> This class is typically the basis for upgrade or migration tasks that need to manipulate a large amount of content.
XhtmlCamelCaseLinkMigrationRendererComponent Handles conversion of camelCase links to XHTML links during migration.
XhtmlContentWorkSource A work source that provides batches of ContentEntityObjects that have XHTML formatted bodies.
XhtmlEmbeddedRendererComponent Migrate images and convert any other embedded types to the multimedia macro.
XhtmlEmoticonRendererComponent A migration renderer component that will convert emoticon's in wiki format to the new Xhtml storage format.
XhtmlMigrationLinkResolver Converts wiki link text to xhtml link objects for migration.
XhtmlRoundTripMigrator Migrate content to the current storage format using a simple storage to storage fragment transformer.
XhtmlSpaceDescriptionsWorkSource A work source that provides batches of SpaceDescriptions with BodyContent of type BodyType.XHTML
XhtmlTemplateVariableRendererComponent Renders wiki markup template variables as XHTML template variables.

Exception Summary
BatchException A composite exception that wraps a list of exceptions, useful for propagating list of exceptions that might have occurred during a batch task.

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