Package com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.editor.macro

Interface Summary
MacroMarshaller Implemented by a MacroMarshaller that handles a particular type of Macro.
MacroParameterSerializer Serializes and deserializes macro parameters.
MacroParameterTypeParser Parses raw macro parameters to typed macro parameters
PlaceholderUrlFactory Generates URLs for placeholders.

Class Summary
ConfluenceContentMacroParameterParser Note: this class does not parse complete wiki markup links, because pages and blogs can contain arbitrary characters (like colons and slashes) now.
CustomImageEditorMacroMarshaller Marshal a Macro that implements the EditorImagePlaceholder interface and therefore displays a custom image in the editor
CustomPlaceholderEditorMarshaller Marshal a macro that provides its own HTML representation for the editor.
DefaultMacroParameterSerializer Serializes and deserializes macro parameters in the following format a=b|c=d.
EditorBodilessMacroMarshaller Marshal macros that don't have a body to editor format.
EditorBodyMacroMarshaller Marshal macros that have a body to editor format
EditorMacroUnmarshaller Transform the macro definition from the XHTML received from the editor into a holding object which can then be output into different formats such as storage format.
MacroParameterTypeParserImpl Default implementation of MacroParameterTypeParser

Exception Summary
InvalidMacroParameterException Exception thrown when a macro parameter cannot be parsed for any reason.

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