Package com.atlassian.confluence.cache

Interface Summary
CacheConfigManager Manages cache configuration changes (such as max cache size).
CacheConfigurationLoader A Cache configuration loader.
CacheDeduplicator Describes a mechanism whereby multiple collections of caches can be merged into a single collection, removing duplicates as required.
CacheSettingsManager A manager for cache settings, provides operations for retrieving, runtime update and saving settings to persistent storage.
CacheStatistics Interface for reporting cache statistics
CacheStatisticsManager Provides information on how effective each managed cache is.
ConfigurableCache<K,V> Deprecated. @since 5.5.1 please use ManagedCache instead
ManagedLockingCache<K,V> Cache which allows normal put/get cache operation ( Cache ) as well as locking items and and managing base cache properties ( ManagedCache )
ReadThroughCacheFactory Implemented by cache factories that can provide special read-through cache functionality.

Class Summary
CacheAdapter<K,V> Delegates to an underlying cache.
CacheManagerSupport A partial implementation of CacheManager which provides default implementations for some of the trivial methods.
CacheMonitoringUtils Return noop splits if cache monitoring disabled.
CacheOperations<K,V> A cache operation recorder.
CacheStatisticsAction Deprecated. since 5.5.
CacheStatisticsHelper Provides utility methods useful for classes that implement the CacheStatistics interface.
CachingCacheSettingsManager Caches calculation of caches settings in order to avoid traversing long list of expensive regexps
ConfluenceManagedCache Confluence-specific wrapper around a standard atlassian-cache implementation.
ConfluenceMonitoringCache<K,V> A wrapper for monitoring the performance of Confluence caches.
DefaultCacheSettingsManager Implementation of CacheSettingsManager that uses a read-only Configuration file that specifies the cache defaults.
DeferredOperationsCache<K,V> An implementation of Cache that records changes to a delegate cache, only actually performing them when DeferredOperationsCache.sync() is called.
DummyCache A Hibernate Cache implementation that does no caching.
DummyCacheProvider Builds and returns a DummyCache which will provide no caching (and therefore consume no memory).
SwitchingCacheManager A CacheManager implementation which delegates to one of three other CacheManagers, one for local caches, one for distributed caches, and one for hybrid caches.
ThreadLocalCache A generic cache for "stuff" that is only needed for the lifetime of a web request or scheduled job.
ThreadLocalCacheAccessor<K,V> A type-safe way of accessing the threadlocal cache
TransactionalCacheFactory A cache factory that produces transactional caches.
TransactionalCacheFactoryCleanupFilter A servlet filter which ensures that any thread-bound transactional caches (as managed by TransactionalCacheFactory) are properly cleaned up and not allowed to pollute subsequent usages of the same request thread.
WarnBeforeMethodAdvice Deprecated. Since 5.5.

Enum Summary
CacheStatisticsCapability Describes optional capabilities as exposed by the Cache Statistics service

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