Package com.atlassian.confluence.api.model.reference

Interface Summary
Collapsed A marker interface indicating an object is a placeholder for properties in our model that have not been expanded.

Class Summary
BuilderUtils A wrapper around ImmutableList builder that produces immutable lists if elements are added to the builder or a collapsed list otherwise.
Collapsed.Exceptions Attempting to access a property of a collapsed object should throw an exception, indicating that it was not in the original request.
EnrichableMap<K,V> A map with the RestEnrichable annotation, indicating that this map should be converted to a RestEntity and enriched by the REST stack.
ExpandedReference<T> An expanded reference has a value, call get() will return that referent value.
ModelMapBuilder<K,V> A Map builder for CollapsedMap and EnrichableMap instances.
Reference<T> A reference to a model object.

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